Covid 19 Toolkit

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+Overview of Covid-19 Return to Work Safely Toolkit
+Covid-19 Company Policy& Procedure
+1st Time Return/Visit after Covid-19 Lockdown
+General Hygiene Policy & Procedure to Prevent Spread of Covid-19
+Policy & Procedure for Anyone Feeling Unwell
+Policy & Procedure for Response to a Suspected Case of Covid-19
+Remote Access Policy & Procedure
+Remote Working Policy & Procedure
+Covid-19 Attending In-House Activities Policy & Procedure
+Covid-19 Contact Tracing in relation to a Suspected Case of Covid-19
+Covid-19 Response Plan Template
+Covid-19 Employee Declaration Log Sheet
+Covid-19 Risk Assessment
+Covid-19 Induction Training Log Sheet
+Covid-19 Close Working Log Sheet
+Covid-19 Compliance Officer Responsibilities
+Covid-19 Permit to work less than 2m
+Covid-19 Questionnaire for Visitor/Contractor
+Covid-19 Letter to Employees Setting Out Position on Absence & Pay due to Coronavirus
+Covid-19 Letter to Employees Reminding them of their Responsibilities in relation to the Control of Infectious Diseases
+Covid-19 Cleaning Protocols 2020
+Covid-19 Physical Distancing Protocol 2020
+Covid-19 Employee Declaration Form
+Covid-19 Employee Daily Contact Tracing Log
+Covid-19 Visitors/Contractor Contact Tracing Log
+Covid-19 Issue & Receipt of PPE Form
+Covid-19 Business Continuity Planning – Checklist of Preparatory Actions
+Covid-19 Response Plan – Checklist Planning and Preparing
+Covid-19 Response Plan – Checklist Control Measures to Prevent Infection
+Covid-19 Response Plan – Checklist Induction and Familarisation
+Covid-19 Response Plan- Checklist Dealing with a Suspected Case of Covid-19
+Covid-19 Response Plan – Checklist Cleaning & Disinfection in the Workplace
+Covid-19 Response Plan -Checklist Employee Responsibilities in the Workplace
+Covid-19 Response Plan -Checklist Compliance Officer(s)
+Covid-19 Response Plan – Checklist PPE Supplies Inventory
+Covid-19 Response Plan – Checklist Daily Cleaning
+Employee Checklist for Covid-19 Induction Training

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